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Artificial Intelligence

A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Artificial Intelligence Research Organization. At A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd., we are creating a new form of life.


Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services create awareness, sales and increase profits for every pound you spend. Utilizing online marketing channels to boost your business is no longer simply a matter of


Corporate Training

A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd. continuously strive for excellence in education and training in the fields of information Technology with an aim of offering value based training. By extensive and meaningful


Research & Development

A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd. develops most of software products and application services. Our research and development allows us to maintain competitive advantages that come from closer technical control over our


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"Artificial Intelligence Multi Soft Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a global leader in delivering predictive analytics and business intelligence software to businesses looking to improve performance across sales, marketing and risk. With a suite of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networking Technology, embedded systems programming, desktop, client-server and big data analytics software products and Cloud solutions, A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd. Delivers powerful approaches to turn information into actionable business decisions and competitive advantage.Every products and solution are user friendly and making predictive analytics accessible and easy to use."

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Targeted Marketing/Branding

Improve your brand through better search visibility and achieve customer segmentation by targeting known customer attributes, online click stream behavior and offline profiling.


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