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Now Children Learning How to Write by Teaching Robots

on Tuesday, 31 October 2017. Posted in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is truly an awesome field. One cannot predict what is going to happen next. Researchers were in search of such machine that would help children in writing and creating sentences. Finally, they have succeeded in their work. Recently, a robot is created which observes and write exactly what is perceived. While the robot is writing, the children observe, try to make changes in what machine wrote and ultimately learn to write. This teaching and learning process is bi-directional. Robot writes and kids correct it. While children are correcting the robot learns the technique and next time act accordingly.

Children having difficulty in writing are getting benefited by this new robot. It is really a fun teaching robot which is finally helping the children in learning to write. The machine is programmed such that, it perceives the words and reproduces them like human handwriting. Children are asked to watch the robot and then correct what it writes. The main intention behind developing the machine is providing a tool for teachers that would assist them to teach children how to write.

How the complete process is carried out?

In machine learning, the system should be fed with information. So, in the experiment, scientists used a database containing a huge set of handwriting examples. This helped the robot to identify the words and correctly predict it and writes on the screen. The main target of the researcher was to make a peer that can learn and who knows less than a below average student. When it comes to learning, the robot should learn from the mistakes and those errors are pointed out by the students.

Approximately, the size of the robot is 1 foot and 11 inches. Researchers have generated a progressive writing algorithm and implemented on the humanoid. The algorithm is designed in such a way that it learns from perceiving the letters of the word and reproduce them like human. Kids placed some plastic alphabets, that created some meaningful word and the robot copied it on the screen. Later on, children have to verify whether the written words are correct or not. Words which are incorrect, the kids have to correct it and again the robot learns those corrected words. Finally, this cross checking helps children learn how to write.


Artificial Intelligence always proved useful to the humans. As discussed, the robot made by the researchers has the ability to learn from the mistakes that are pointed out by the children. Understanding of mistakes by the robot, assists the students in learning how to write.

This is the awesome use of artificial intelligence which helps the students, who cannot understand the words. Children suffering from dysgraphia can get benefited from the implementation of such robots. Finally, New generation robot, helps to prove artificial intelligence is always beneficial to humans.