Saturday, October 19, 2019
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A.I.M.S. Training


People can learn new skills, technology and behaviors and often other training programs will create a short term “high”. Participants “feel good” for a few days or weeks until they return to their normal working environment and fail to reproduce the skills learned in the training room. We can help you build an exciting and challenging career at A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd.  Careers are highly individual, and success can be defined and achieved in many ways. Our world-class training will see you continue to learn and develop as your career progresses.

We work primarily with those responsible for others – Senior Managers, Managers, and Team Leaders – in a host of management development areas including the following:

Leading others

Leadership, Management of change, Performance management, Coaching, Mentoring, good Communication & interpersonal skills, Appraisal training, Team building etc.

Working with others

Influencing  expert techniques, Negotiating skills, Communication and interpersonal skills, Adapting to culture change. We have considerable expertise in needs analysis, Competency design, Succession planning, Career advice and Career counseling as well as Project managing large training implementation programmers.

Developing the developers

We have also spent many years developing those who develop others and design and deliver tailored “train the trainer” programmers in needs analysis, design, facilitation, evaluation and internal consulting skills.

Our people are our most important asset and we invest considerable resources to provide on-going training that builds and extends to professional, technical and management skills in all areas. All learning programs are conducted through A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd. Academy, our in-house training center also work with teams helping them to create more effective ways of working, communicating, collaborating, and developing mutual respect and trust.

We work with teams, project teams, virtual teams of all shapes and sizes to deliver team building programmers that:

  • Create clear goals to which everyone is committed
  • Align the team’s goals with those of the organization

  • Develop understanding of effective ways of handling conflict

  • Appreciate the value of diversity to the team's performance

  • Encourage positive team behaviors 


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