Saturday, October 19, 2019
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System Programming

A.I.M.S. Technology Pvt. Ltd. mission is to be the client choice in resolving the most challenging problems in System Software Development and Embedded Programming using Qt, C++, Visual C++, Embedded C skills. Our professionals in these regards can deliver the best work that you exactly require. Our System Programming Techniques will give you control of your network's infrastructure by performing or even automating jobs that simply can't be done with off-the-shelf software.

Deep knowledge of C and C++ programming language allows us to use this powerful language correctly and appropriately for writing effective, portable applications that do not require large computer facilities, availability of a virtual machine or other additional components. Most applications we built are developed with cross-platform portability and modularity in mind so that they can be easily adapted for different operating systems such as Windows, Windows CE, Unix, Linux and Embedded Linux.


Embedded System Software Development

  • OS Bringup & Customization
  • Device Driver Development
  • Virtual Machine Development
  • System Application Development
  • Testing
  • Current Product Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering


OS Bringup& Customization

OS Bringup on Simulator: Bring up Enterprise OS on new architectural simulator.

Chipset Software, Machine Dependent Code Development

  • Supported OS HP-UX and Linux
  • Supported architecture – IA64, x86_32, x86_64, PA-RISC, PPC, MIPS
  • SMP & NUMA Platform




Storage Protocol Device Driver

  • FC, SCSI, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, CISS, RAID Driver, SCRIPTS processor programming – All enterprise grade storage HBA controller support
  • Protocol Analysis with Logic/Protocol Analyzer
  • Target mode software, target emulator
  • SCSI tape emulation
  • Dump Driver
  • Virtual machine support



Ethernet Device Driver

  • 10Gb, 1Gb, 100Mbps Device Driver Development
  • Chelsio, Intel, Emulex, NeterionXframe and many other 1gb/100mbps adapters.
  • Stateless and stateful offload, socket layer offload
  • Virtual machine suppor

System Application Development

Multi-node Cluster Development

  • Boot sequence
  • Resource Manager
  • Hearbeat Package


Device Driver Development

Supported OS: Linux, VMWare, HP-UX, Windows, VxWorks, LynxOS, QNX, AIX and Solaris



  • Test strategy and test plan development
  • Test automation and scripting, kernel triggers
  • Code coverage analysis with tools.



Current Product Engineering

  •  Tiraging and defect analysis

Reverse Engineering

Read assembly level source code and reconstruct C routines.


Embedded Software Development

Board Bring-up & BSP Development

Bring-up newly designed embedded board

  • Initial TLB mapping
  • Code relocation
  • CPU, TLB , Cache Initialization and Memory controller initialization
  • Architectural support
  • Board specific initialization
  • Init Sequence call
  • Serial port support
  • OS hand off
  • Ramdisk support
  • Kernel Initialization
  • Hard clock tick    




Debug and Development Environment


  • BDI, Multi, Signum, WindRiver tool, American AriumGdb server

 Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS and QNX

 Bootloader Support 

  • Uboot, redboot
  • Linker definition script (lds)
  • Small memory footprint systems
  • Boot support from NAND and NOR device
  • Flash driver
  • Serial port driver
  • Ethernet Driver
  • Ram boot uboot

Ramdisk building and Modification for application specific need

BusyBox Support

Root FileSystem and its content

  • JFFS2, CramFS, Ramdisk, root NFS




VME Bus Driver and Test application

Audi, Video drivers for embeeded applications 

  •  SCSI, SMBUS, USB, I2C, LPC, GPIO, CAN, Sensor, Sound & Video driver development for embedded application.